Klaus added the ability to limit satellites to certain dvb card in
VDR-1.7.13.  However, a lot of users have the need to do device
limiting at the transponder level, which VDR still can't do (and
likely will never do I think, unfortunately).  But, Klaus also added
device hooks in VDR-1.7.13 as well:

- Implemented cDeviceHook to allow plugins more control over which device can
  provide which transponder (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).

This means that a plugin can be written that DOES provide device
limiting at the transponder level!  Rnissl, as a test for the device
hook patch, threw together a quick skeleton plugin using hardcoded
values and it worked great.  To finish the plugin, it would just need
support for a conf file where you define which
transponder:polarity:satellite & devices you want to limit them to.  I
assume this file would be read into a table stored in memory, and then
referenced during a channel change for live tv or recording.

If Rnissl see's this, maybe he'll elaborate further.


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