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> I believe the best way to handle this situation is by allowing the
> user control over what devices may be used to tune what channels.  VDR
> can't be smart enough to figure it out due to incorrect & bad design
> in v4l.  Another strong reason to allow this to be configured at the
> user-level is what if the the user has 2 devices...both able to tune a
> channel but the signal is weak.  Tuner 1 can tune it fine but tuner 2
> has problems because of the weak signal.  VDR is simply going to ask a
> free tuner 'can you tune this?', whereas the best scenario would be
> for the user to say 'use tuner 1 for this channel'.
> I can think of two ways to better deal with this; adding a new field
> in channels.conf, 

Doesn't the CA field in channels.conf already allow this?

   Conditional access
          A hexadecimal  integer  defining  how  this  channel  can  be

          0000          Free To Air
          0001...000F   explicitly requires the device with the given number

I don't know if it works if you specify more than one device, but it
certainly works to specify only one device.


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