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> I recommend you to use PCI-E GT220 Geforce card with motheboard which you 
> will choice

Asus Bravo 220 silent seems to be a passive model. Do you know if these
non-motherboard integrated cards support 7.1ch PCM audio over HDMI?

I got as PM one tip that pointed to this page


I wonder if some smaller number cheaper model with similar VP4/C skills
would do? E.g. Asus EN210 Silent? It could also produce less heat? The
text in Wikipedia is not perfectly in line with the table so I wonder if
GT2xx is needed for best VDPAU support.

It seems that the IONs are VP3/B so your prosal is certainly better (if
there is HDMI audio support).

> this series has very good performance for 1080i temporal_spatial 
> deinterlacing and h264 decoding
> have a look on qvdpautest
> http://linuxdvb.org.ru/wbb/index.php?page=Thread&postID=16142#post16142

Fortunately there's google translate - so there's some worry about
passive cooled GT220s? At least the picture of Gigabyte GT220 shows a
pretty large heatsink and fan ;^)


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