On Tue, 2010-08-17 at 13:56 +0300, Rene wrote:

> I'm also starting to check for a new setup, and i'm on the same line as
> you: Silent, low-power device that will runn 24/7. I have not yet looked
> too much around, but there is one thing i'm wondering. What kind of
> dvb-devices will you use? 

I use the multiple vdr instance hack proposed in xineliboutput
documentation. My 2xDVB-T(dual tuners) and DVB-S2 cards are PCI and they
are in a separate "home server" that runs in non-living areas of the
house so noise doesn't matter. There are also several hard disks. 

I don't know what happens if that mobo dies. It could be difficult to
find motherboards with enough legacy PCI slots. I need four because
there's also one extra network card.

> My current setup has two pci-cards, Full
> featured Technoternd dvb-s, and an other TT budget dvb-t. I have to
> replace the dvb-t card with dvb-c, because i will soon move to an area
> with cable-tv.. Is it possible to go with completely dvb-usb devices?
> Are thet reliable enough to not freeze/crash etc?

At least for dish I need PCI type of card because USB cards do not
output enough power for a motorized positioner.


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