Am Dienstag, den 17.08.2010, 19:06 +0300 schrieb Seppo Ingalsuo:

> > is there really no recommendation for a board not using Nvidia graphics 
> > components? It would really be great to not depend on proprietary 
> > drivers. 
> > 
> > The VIA chipset VX855 was supposed to have support 1080p support build 
> > in. But those devices do not seem to be available in non Asian regions. 
> > 
> > AMD/ATI or Intel should also over some products fitting your need. And I 
> > heard the drivers matured quite a bit (besides Intel Poulsbo). 
> > 
> > Unfortunately I do not own such systems. 
> I installed vdr-sxfe to Poulsbo/GMA500 netbook but there is no Xv and
> VA API is not supported by xine-lib. There is mplayer support but I
> don't know if deintelacing is good. I haven't tried. 
> An unscaled window works but fullscreen is horrible. The real Intel
> graphics stuff is likely better but I have no experience about that. 

What driver did you use?

Anyway, »besides Intel Poulsbo« meant this chip is using closed drivers
and is not supported by xf86-video-intel and so it does not fit into my
wish list.



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