On 14.10.2010 13:48, Vesa wrote:
> I did some testing and debugging. First note is that VDR do not do sanity
> check for STC on delay loop. Now there is on dvbsubtitle.c
> if (STC >= 0) {
> It should be
> if (LimitTo32Bit(STC) >= 0) {
> After this delay loop start to work with reelbox-3 plugin. With out that STC
> int64_t value includes garbage and get most of time negative value. Because
> same filtering is in use other places for this value, it should be also on
> if-statement..

"Vesa" did state in his posting dated 2010-10-15/15:39 that the modification
to dvbsubtitle.c is not necessary, but I just want to make it clear why that
is so.

The check

  if (STC >= 0) {

acts on the raw STC value returned by the device, which was allowed to
be -1 in case that device is unable to return the STC. Limiting this to
32 bit would break this check.

For version 1.7.17 of VDR I will make it mandatory for devices that
can replay to return a valid STC value in GetSTC(), and the above check
is then obsolete (since the 'else' branch of that 'if' was never implemented,


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