On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 12:16 AM, Oliver Schinagl <oli...@schinagl.nl> wrote:
> Nobody has any comment at all? :)
> I haven't found an issue as of yet running this for weeks now on my own VDR.
> I must say, it is nice to have the color order of the buttons match my
> remote :)

The color arrangement already matches all of my remotes so I don't
have any use for it.  However, because I think it's useful to other
users since a lot of remotes have a different color order, I'll help
test it if you provide a VDR-1.7.16 compatible patch.  That's my only
condition as I'm not willing to downgrade my VDR boxes for this.

If your patch made it into VDR and there are any plugins which use
position to relate functions as you described (for example, right most
key=ffwd) then maybe there also needs to be some mechanism for plugins
to know which key is where (if there isn't one already).  After VDR
has been programmed for red/green/blue/yellow keys, then it can
associate something like color1/color2/color3/color4 to the color

Another thought is that VDR is supposed to get a truecolor OSD upgrade
so we'll finally be able to have a great looking (HD) interface to use
VDR with.  Maybe the functionality of your patch is something Klaus
has already considered during that upgrade.  That's only speculation
however but worth asking I think.


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