Am 14.12.2010 21:56, schrieb Luca Olivetti:
> Instead of speculating I actually tried.
> I created a test database with the contents of my channels.conf (only
> containing the number, name, frequency, source, symbol rate and the
> vpid, I don't think adding all the fields would change the result
> considerably).
> With no indexes, the time to get the result to the following query
> (which is meant to find the next channel in the same transponder) is too
> short to measure:
> select * from channels where nr>13 and freq=10992 and
> params='VC23M2O0S0' and source='S13.0E' and sr=27500 and vpid>0 order by
> nr limit 1;

You didn't do a join of the channel list with the list of devices (on
tuned transponder, or on not tuned device, or - join with all connected
streams of that device - all streams have lower priority than live
priority), and a join with all CAM on whether the CAM works with the
device, and a join with all CAM slots of all CAMs that can work with
device on whether the CAM slot is free or CAM slot priority is lower
than live priority.

(thats still simplified.)



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