On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 5:33 AM, Udo Richter <udo_rich...@gmx.de> wrote:
> Am 17.12.2010 22:58, schrieb Pasi Juppo:
>> That said and with no disrespect to the author of vdr in my opinion it
>> starts to be a time to fork vdr and redefine its base + few other
>> elements.
>> Of course things can remain the same but will we ever see natively
>> implemented in vdr:
>> -_proper_ implementation of server-client solution (centralized records,
>> epg etc. without "hacks")
>> -good looking high res OSD
>> -good integration to XBMC or similar
>> -fully redefinable menu system
>> -channel specific configurability (epg...)
>> -native ATSC support
>> -several of the big patches integrated (long list) and configurable
>> -etc.etc.
> If you want to go that way, you should start from scratch, as your
> feature list requires rewrite of most of VDR anyway. Client-server
> multihead for example requires to dump the whole OSD, menu, plugin and
> skin system.
> And don't expect this to be easy: Even if you have several good coders
> with lots of spare time, things will take months to years to finish.

You actually make an important point.  VDR was never designed with
server/client in mind.  I'm not sure Klaus realized how many people
would want to use it in that scenario, or that he envisioned htpc's
becoming such a central piece of peoples living rooms, providing
media/entertainment.  Peoples needs and wants have simply outgrown
what VDR was ever intended to do.  This isn't to say there isn't room
for improvement and that VDR can't mature from it's original design
and intention.  I also wouldn't completely disregard Klaus's
willingness to take user opinion into consideration.  Remember, it
wasn't long ago that he wasn't thrilled at the thought of HDTV and
mpeg-ts.  But, there was clearly a big need/want for these things from
users and he eventually added these things.  Then you have the
addition of  ATSC support, which I'm almost positive was pretty low on
the priority list.  I know many NA users that have felt abandoned and
left out in the cold for years, yet ATSC is now there.

This should give us hope that we might some of the things we really
want, even if Klaus doesn't care much about it.  Correct me if I'm
wrong but didn't he actually say at one point he _would_ revamp the
OSD system to something far more flexible and not so restricted and

Some things have no hope of ever making it into VDR, a couple things
possibly might (though who knows when), and the stuff Klaus feels are
important obviously get the most attention.  As you know Klaus doesn't
share the TODO list but I can't recall too many things he said flat
out he won't consider.

In the mean time, from what I hear Windows has come a long way when it
comes to this stuff.  If you want a good stable option, that may be
the route to go until VDR catches up with the times.  If anyone feels
compelled to turn that statement into a Windows vs. Linux debate,
please fork a new thread!  And speaking of forks, the subject of VDR
being forked to allow a lot more development is not new.  IIRC, Klaus
said that is anyone does that, he will discontinue work on VDR
altogether.  If that's true be careful what you wish for!

Lastly, my apologies if I've remembered anything incorrectly.  I might
be typing but I'm far from being total awake yet. :)

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