On Wednesday 15 December 2010, Jouni Karvo wrote:
> I think adding dependencies to outside packages is a burden that should
> be avoided.  There are
> already many things I need to install separately in order the vdr box to
> work; kernel, graphics
> drivers, and xine-lib.  Luckily, lirc is now already part of the kernel,
> and DVB drivers, too; much
> less hassle than before.  This is the right direction to go - not adding
> more moving parts that need
> to be installed (with compatible versions).

I'm not saying anything about the epg data as plain text vs sqlite thing, but 
would like to note that things are not always that black and white as the 
above seems to say.  In my opinion it does not make sense to reimplement 
everything that's required just in order to avoid dependencies (but other 
valid reasons for not using something that's already there might of course 

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