Look at streamdev plugin (plus remotetimers), this will solve your problem.



Am 03.01.2011 23:29, schrieb Mika Laitio:
The second thing is the tuning. "Get next channel on this transponder"
sounds simple, but actually deciding whether a channel is tuneable
involves 17 different rules that get checked against each device, plus
probing the CAM whether the channel can be decoded by the CAM. I think
that part is even slower than the whole channel list.

But after all, there are more important things that need work, than
speeding up such special cases.
I agree, I have one vdr-server + 3 active xineliboutput clients.
Nowadays each of the clients are sharing the same channel list because I
have felt it to be too hacky to put multiple vdr instances to run on
that vdr-server.

It would really be nice to have some kind of "server" interface to vdr so
that one vdr instance could really support multiple clients with different
dvb tuners in case there are some of them still unused.


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