I read about the ongoing work at the OSD system.
I have to confess, that I don't really miss a truecolor OSD, but what I miss 
is the possibility to configure the OSD for each output-device separately.

Currently I use a "backend"-vdr with budget-cards and an old fashioned FF. My 
TV is plugged to the old FF and I watch HD through a frontend-client with 
xineliboutput. That's not bad at all, but one shortcoming I noticed is, that 
configuration works for all output-devices. 
I tried the cool anthra-skin for HD - but then I don't get any OSD on FF.

Same happens with keyboard. Currently its easy to distinguish the keys, as 
they are created from different systems and for so have different keycodes.
But when I update my TV to a HD system and use xineliboutput on the backend as 
well as the frontend, than there's no way to have separate keyboard 
Why I want different setups?

At the vdr I use a standard keyboard and the frontend is my desktop, where I 
use a Natural keyboard from M$ - which has a completely different layout of 
function-keys and additional keys. So it would be nice, to have sections in 
remote.conf that could be separated by output-device. Really great would be, 
if that sections could be created based on the IP of the client :)

kind regards


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