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> Hello,
> VDR User wrote:
> > I don't know about any of that but I wonder if the new osd system
> > will be able to maintain widescreen HD resolution even when viewing
> > 4:3 SD channels.  Or if it will behave as it currently does,
> > stretches/shrinks according to the channel/recording you're
> > watching. Preferrably it won't do that, or at least be something
> > the user can toggle.  My output is always 1920x1080.  I opt not to
> > scale SD content up to HD.  This means that when I'm watching 4:3
> > SD content in 1920x1080, I have borders on the left & right, which
> > I'm ok with. However, there's no reason I'm aware of why the osd
> > can't still take advantage of the full 1920x1080.
> That scaling, you're talking about is not related to the new OSD
> system. Scaling is part of the output device and at least
> xineliboutput can be configured to not to scale.
> I was talking about OSD only - independant of the stream-format.
> In the example I wrote, anthra was configured with 1920x1080 - when I
> watch TV from FF and hit the menue button, the screen will change to
> black font on black background :)
> As far as I understand a statement of Klaus, the OSD will be
> different depending on the output device.
> So I wrote about my wish: if the OSD systems already are different,
> it would be nice to have different configurations too.

configure a second vdr instance (on the client or the server) serving
the xineliboutput, then you can have 2 configurations right now
allready. Its not to much overhead actually :)

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