VDR User wrote:
> I don't know about any of that but I wonder if the new osd system will
> be able to maintain widescreen HD resolution even when viewing 4:3 SD
> channels.  Or if it will behave as it currently does,
> stretches/shrinks according to the channel/recording you're watching.
> Preferrably it won't do that, or at least be something the user can
> toggle.  My output is always 1920x1080.  I opt not to scale SD content
> up to HD.  This means that when I'm watching 4:3 SD content in
> 1920x1080, I have borders on the left & right, which I'm ok with.
> However, there's no reason I'm aware of why the osd can't still take
> advantage of the full 1920x1080.

That scaling, you're talking about is not related to the new OSD system.
Scaling is part of the output device and at least xineliboutput can be 
configured to not to scale.

I was talking about OSD only - independant of the stream-format.

In the example I wrote, anthra was configured with 1920x1080 - when I watch TV 
from FF and hit the menue button, the screen will change to black font on 
black background :)

As far as I understand a statement of Klaus, the OSD will be different 
depending on the output device.
So I wrote about my wish: if the OSD systems already are different, it would be 
nice to have different configurations too.

kind regards


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