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Steffen Barszus wrote:
> configure a second vdr instance (on the client or the server) ...

Hm - the client does not have a vdr-instance yet - and for so, the only thing 
I can configure there, is the IP of the server and the frontend to use.
AFAIK all configuration (remote.conf) is done on the server. At least on my 
tests I had to add the XKeySym entries to the servers remote.conf

If there exists a kind of key mapping in the frontend already, please let me 

I did not find a way to add client specific configuration yet.

> Its not to much overhead actually :)

Well, I decide that, when I see the system load ...

So - I'm curious and willing to test. Do you know a url occasionally of 
someone who already did it? There are too much questions otherwise ...

kind regards


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