I don't know about any of that but I wonder if the new osd system will
be able to maintain widescreen HD resolution even when viewing 4:3 SD
channels.  Or if it will behave as it currently does,
stretches/shrinks according to the channel/recording you're watching.
Preferrably it won't do that, or at least be something the user can
toggle.  My output is always 1920x1080.  I opt not to scale SD content
up to HD.  This means that when I'm watching 4:3 SD content in
1920x1080, I have borders on the left & right, which I'm ok with.
However, there's no reason I'm aware of why the osd can't still take
advantage of the full 1920x1080.

I'm pretty sure this (among other things) were mentioned in previous
threads on the subject though so I would guess the new system is
well-thought out and has an unrestrictive design.

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