Gerald Dachs wrote:
> You should really look more carefully into it.

I beg your pardon!

I read that page for sure, but I can't state, that I understood much.
I did not find any hint, that could change any of my issues either.
May be that hint might be there, but then I did not understand it.

I'm willing to change my installation - no question - but I have very little 
sparetime, so I don't have the time to search for lots of additional links and 
follow each of them. Sorry.

> Maybe you didn't find anything about installing a second instance,
> because it has not to be done. 

When you look few postings back, I got the advice to install a second 
I know, there are people around who run such a configuration, I read that hint 
quite often in the forum, but I did not find a page, where the problems of such 
an installation where disscussed or solved.
Therefore I don't want to change my installation, before I know how to solve 
my upcoming issues.

With my current setup I do have certain issues. But meanwhile I know how to 
handle most of them, which means, I don't have any pressure to change my 

> You only have to start your already installed vdr with another configuration.
> This happens in the addon I pointed you to. 

I beg your pardon second time!

I don't use yavdr and I'm not willing to change my vdr to yavdr - so using 
your addon is no acceptable solution - no matter how good your addon might be!
You know, that the reason for not using yavdr is ubuntu being the base of 
yavdr and that my rejection is NOT related to the yavdr team in any kind!

Anyway ...

You could explain me, what you did or show me a page, where that items are 
disscussed. No question, I'm willing to learn - but I'm not willing to change 
my basic principles or waste my time.
I don't know - did you expect me to dive into your sources?

kind regards


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