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Ignoring remotes that don't follow the RGYB scheme doesn't make them
any less 'tv oriented' or go away.  I can't imagine it's much of a
leap to make the colored button position customizable and is probably
something that's better to have then not.  What good argument against
allowing the user to customize the layout according to their actual
remote button layout could there be?  None that I can think of.  I'd
guess Klaus will consider any patches submitted to him which don't
cause problems.  Regardless, users always have the option to patch the
feature in if it doesn't become a part of VDR's core.

The RGYB color enumeration is defined in the video teletext standard and every TV/STB set implementing the teletext feature DOES use the mentioned color button order. I guess the teletext is used mainly in Europe, so there might be different conventions elsewhere, but the VDR is a STB for DVB standard that documents the teletext too.

IMO, you really should switch the OSD button colors in skin plugins instead of patching the core VDR. There will be some glitches with learning the remotes, but these can be fixed with some extra documentation (Press 'Red/leftmost color' button). These remotes with "wrong" color button orders are really a small minority here mainly targeted to some odd mediacenters or PS3 - at least here in the northern Europe.


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