> Regardless, users always have the option to patch the feature in if it 
> doesn't become a part of VDR's core.

Here we go! Provide a patch, users can use or not w/o assuming to change 

Like the majority of users, I do use remotes following kls's VDR standard 
defined a century ago. I don't want to bothered w/ configurable colored keys, 
it can be just another cause for malfunctions, mere you guys are not willing to 
buy a remote which is compatible w/ VDR's standard. This is IMHO not a to high 
expectation, because you also buy DVB devices which are compatible w/ VDR ...

If remotes would be some very expensive devices, I may follow your arguments, 
but you guys do often buy the cheapest you can get and expect that core VDR 
will changed to be usable with these sometimes pulpy devices, wereas also 
compatible devices are available for the same price ...


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