On 05/29/2011 07:14 PM, Johan Andersson wrote:
In a small company like where I work I take the support call and fix the issue. Then your strategy would work.

I suspect that in a larger company the only thing that happens is that the people at frontline support gets annoyed. The relevant people will only see one issue in their issue tracking system regardless.

It would however be interesting to know if more people in Sweden have seen this. Perhaps everyone but me knew of the french situation and had it fixed long ago. Perhaps recording old Stargate reruns on TV6 is too geekish so noone else noticed :-)

I got a very positive sounding response from Teracom. I got the impression they are really going to fix this. For anyone else interested I simply mailed their support address on their homepage http://www.teracom.se, ie: kundtja...@teracom.se


Klaus Schmidinger skrev 2011-05-28 23:55:
On 28.05.2011 10:57, Johan Andersson wrote:

I sent off a question to customer support at Teracom and got a reply
indicating that they do have an error relating to these channels in
their 'coding platform'.

Thanks for actually doing this - finally a broadcaster who at
least admits *they* have a problem ;-)

'Your problem seems to relate to the error we have', was their
statement. They had no due date for fixing it though.

Maybe they would give this more priority if more people contacted
them about this. Once replying to inquiries takes up a considerable
amount of their time, they might consider doing something about it.
Perhaps you should post here how to contact them, so other viewers
of their channels could also bother them ;-)


Hi Johan.
Yes, I have seen this too. TV10 has had it all the time but like you said, now TV6 has the same problem. I will send them a mail too and I must say I understand why Klaus doesn't want to make an ugly fix for this. I guess most STB people has, and that's why these problems exist. If everybody could just follow the standards things would be more stable.
/Magnus H

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