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Hi All,

I'm stuck to vdr 1.6.0-2 because i can't find a current LiveBuffer
patch for any current vdr 1.7.x. Does anyone know if there is any work
going on with this great patch?

look at

in this thread there is a newer version available. But this version still is missing three important fixes from RMM svn repos. Could anyone update these,

Is this patch "hosted" at for example github, or at vdr-developer.org? Github would be a good idea, because their frontend makes it easy to follow between revisions.. Also other people could just join by forking and do their own additions :-)

So did i understand correct that the patch Norm sent does not work with 1.7.21? (i have not managed to recompile my vdr, cause had too much work.. Will definitively try the update during x-mas! :-)


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It's a patch from yaVDR and it doesn't apply to the vdr source tree as is (at least for me). The second patch works on gentoo ebuild with small changes (It conflicts with other patches and need some changes for config.c & config.h part).

I tried the second too but it crashes vdr when I try to pause. I didn't tested a lot.


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