On Sunday 09 September 2012 - 19:35:20, VDR User wrote:
> OSD setup options are a matter of convenience. 


> The more the user can do in the osd, the better. 
> The more the user has to do by manually editing files, the worse.

Don't agree!

>From my point of view, the setup options have to get divided into frontend- 
and backend-settings. Then all settings of each group should get divided into 
installation settings and user-changeable settings.

For me, all FHS-related settings are installation settings. Same is true for 
remote.conf and - of cause - the button order.

If you look at a possible multi-client installation, the button order is a 
frontend-setting, which is an installation setting. You only change it, when 
you buy a new remote control  and then, the button order is not the only 
setting, that needs to get changed.

I consider it ridiculous, being able to change the video-driver by osd.
That video driver is used by xine to render images to frontend, which possibly 
is on a different machine. This way it is possible to crash the vdr without 
possibility of recovery.

So moving a setup entry from osd to i.e. /etc/default/vdr may possibly 
decrease user flexibility, but may increase system stability and safety.

So from my point of view, osd-setup entries are user-changeable backend 
settings (well, currently the frontend user-changeable settings are stil mixed 
All other entries should be handled differently. 
But that issue will probabely pop up again after 2.0

cheers Gero

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