On 13. okt. 2013 18:14, Torsten Mohr wrote:

i have a VDR up and running, the SW works fine so far (at least i think so).

Some recordings are half-corrupted, have breaks inbetween, bad sound, etc.

The bad-quality problem is not related to a certain channel, i wonder how i
can track this down.

My hardware:
2 (TWO !) Terratec Cinergy PCI cards.  <-- two cards
MSI C847 MS-E33 board

I gave up on this card. It has been about 2 years since I last tried it, but the driver (mantis) had (and most likely still has) serious problems with some DMA timeouts, IIRC. Running irqbalance di help a little bit, but in the end I replaced the cards with something less broken.


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