Am 10/17/13 00:31, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
On 16.10.2013 21:23, Torsten Mohr wrote:

This shows you which device was used for the recording.

Is there a way to code this into the recording name?

No need to, just look it up in the log.

Oh, there could be a need to have the recording-device been noted in e.g. the info-file.
I had this use case:
Several months ago one of my tuners on one of my three identical cards went bad, resulting in drop-outs which caused pixel-artifacts and other errors while replaying. I have not the time to view my recordings soon after recording, so I noticed the bad recordings several months after the first drop-out. And it took me several weeks to find out the "bad card", so for this case it would have been very helful to see via the info-file: Ah, it's device number two which does always bad recodings since April with a little grep.
Perhaps this could be an additional feature for vdr-development. :-)
And even more helpful would be to notice the name of the card instead of the device number which is subject to change between reboots. Or even both.



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