On 16.10.2013 21:23, Torsten Mohr wrote:

thanks for your hints so far, but before buying new cards i'd like to clarify
if the problem is related to HW or SW.

Is there a way to detect from a recording if it was recorded on card 0 or card 

If you are running VDR with --log=3 you will get entries like this in
the log:

Oct 16 22:45:00 vdr2 vdr: [5458] switching device 2 to channel 3
Oct 16 22:45:00 vdr2 vdr: [5458] timer 2 (3 2245-0045 'Comedy~TV total') start

This shows you which device was used for the recording.

Is there a way to code this into the recording name?

No need to, just look it up in the log.


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