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> Ok, so I'm back to the released version of 0.0.9 (not GIT).  It does the same 
> thing - blanks the screen, etc.  I recorded the channel for a bit to see if 
> it happens with the recording and it does happen with the recording.  I think 
> exited VDR and ran omxplayer directly with the TS file and it did NOT have 
> the same problem.  No glitches or blanking.  
> The video is 1080i with AC3 6-channel audio.  The RPI is plugged into a 
> Pioneer VX-1023 receiver, which in turn is connected to the LG 3d LED tv.  
> Audio is configured to go out HDMI with passthrough enabled.

If you're using pass through, could you please try to add 
hdmi_stream_channels=1 to config.txt? That's currently the only difference to 
omxplayer I'm aware of. Or, try to use analog audio, to ensure there's no 
HDMI-audio issue.

If the error still occurs, I'd be interested in the video file to try, whether 
I can reproduce the issue. If you have the possibility to upload the file 
somewhere, please let me know via PM.


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