Hi Norm

> It was already set to 6.  I tried 7 with no difference.  It had been working 
> fine with my Pioneer receiver up until this latest version.  A direct 
> connection to the TV seems to work with my other setup.

What's the exact version you've been using before? I'm not aware of any recent 
changes in this area, but if you encounter these problems only during live-TV, 
you might try this patch:

diff --git a/omxdevice.c b/omxdevice.c
index 6ccb113..b006f44 100644
--- a/omxdevice.c
+++ b/omxdevice.c
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ int cOmxDevice::s_speeds[2][8] = {
 // speed correction factors for live mode, taken from omxplayer
 int cOmxDevice::s_speedCorrections[5] = {
-       S(0.990f), S(0.999f), S(1.000f), S(1.001), S(1.010)
+       S(0.995f), S(0.999f), S(1.000f), S(1.001), S(1.005)
 cOmxDevice::cOmxDevice(void (*onPrimaryDevice)(void)) :

During live-TV the OMX clock is permanently adjusted to keep it in sync with 
the DVB stream. The method as well as the correction factors I've taken from 
omxplayer without knowing how big the deviation is actually allowed to be, 
since it's also affecting the HDMI clock. The above patch changes the maximum 
value from +/- 1% to +/- 0.5%.


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