> The traditional concept now is that you pay entities like local PBS
> stations, cable companies and such a set fee.  The current vlog
> implementation may be too cumberson to figure out how much to pay each
> vlog with a rel="payment" based on what they accept (paypal, credit
> card, etc.)  That an aggregator could take a subscription amount, like
> $12/month, and break that out to videos viewed based on rating of
> quality.  The aggregator would take a small percentage for itself.
> What do those working on aggregators like Joshua Kinberg thing of
> this?  Feedback, modifications, etc. from others?

this is the big question.
money....how can creators get paid.

but lets remember that we're dealing with several things here.
its not the mopst popular theory...but I say that 2 kinds of
videoblogs are popping up.

One kind is like mine: personal...like home video.
theres no format or regularly scheduled program.
I dont expect anyone to pay for it. hell, Im happy if my close friends watch it.
im documenting my life for the future.

another kind are these new "vidcasts" that Apple is hyping.
Rocketboom, DiggTV, tikibar, etc....
its a formatted show that comes our regularly.
they're higher quality shows that put out topical info that people may pay for.

so first you got to say...what videoblogs are people going to pay
for....then market those videos. there are several companies that are
tryiong to be the middle-man between independent "vidcasts" and
advertsiers/subscribers. (popcast, veoh, akimbo, revver.com)
all of these services make you upload your video to their servers...so
they can track all the info.
Apple may try to get onto this as well.
they are setting up the Apple Music store that lets you buy episodes
of lost for 1.99.
why not Digg TV?

I still like the distributed method...
correct me if im wrong...but homestarrunner, dailykos,
boingboing...all have figured out their own monetizing schemes.
they consistently made good content and slowly built up into strong
businesses by selling ad space and T-shirts.

like my Pop told me...do what you love and the money will follow.
that means you got to do it more than a week.
Like Rocketboom...I have no doubt that they will become financially
successful...because Andrew is not letting money stop him from
consistently creating a good show for almost a year now. he has worked
to create a distinctive style...and it will pay off.
money is just the details.


Adventures in Videoblogging
<URL: http://www.momentshowing.net>

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