>From terminal.c:

 * - add an optional limit for the scrollback size.  When reaching it remove
 *   10% at the start.

Could it be possible before 8.1 ?? At least I can monitor log files while 
editing, just like running 'tail -f' for hours in all other terminals.

在 2018年3月13日星期二 UTC+8下午12:04:52,skywind3000写道:
> One thing important for terminal: open file directly in the terminal
> Presume the shell in the vim's terminal and vim itself are always under the 
> different working directory. It is quite in-productive to switch to 
> terminal-normal mode and use vim's command to find and open a file.
> Emacs can open a file from eshell:
>     ~ $ ls
>     myfile
>     ~ $ (find-file "myfile")
> +clientserver is not always supported.
> This case has been discussed in reddit and can't find a better solution.
> https://www.reddit.com/r/vim/comments/83ve6g/how_to_open_file_in_current_vim_instance_from/
> You will find it is obviously an important feature when you actually used the 
> builtin terminal for 3 days.
> Expecting a nice solution before vim 8.1

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