2018-03-08 18:05 GMT+01:00 Bram Moolenaar <b...@moolenaar.net>:
> I'm thinking of creating the 8.1 release.  The main new feature is the
> terminal window, with the debugger plugin.  And lots of smaller
> additions and plenty of bug fixes.
> Is there is something important that should still be included?
> Or something in the terminal window that should be changed before
> putting it in an official release?

This would be a good time to mention Neovim in `:help credits`, Bram.

Vim now approximates at least two major Neovim features, one of which
motivated an awkward retraction[2] to `:help design-not`.  In other
words, Neovim drove Vim to change its reconsider its own
hitherto-inviolable design constraints.

The only major features added to Vim in the last 4 years were
reactions to Neovim.

Neovim has also been the direct and indirect source of many (some
uncredited/copy-pasted) patches, fixes, and bug reports.

How about recognizing this in the credits?


Justin M. Keyes

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