On Mo, 12 Mär 2018, James McCoy wrote:

> 12264088 (+vartabs) is larger than 12234272 (-vartabs).  The more
> interesting figures (if size is really a factor) would be after
> stripping both binaries, since that's what most people are likely to
> encounter.

That would actually make sense and since I usually have debugging
symbols included and not stripping them, would even be more exotic :).

I am also not sure, that this is a good enough indicator, but here is
another one:

chrisbra@debian ~/code/git/vim-src/src (git)-[tags/v8.0.1600]- % ls -l temp/*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 chrisbra chrisbra 12234272 Mar 13 07:51 temp/vim.huge
-rwxr-xr-x 1 chrisbra chrisbra 12264088 Mar 13 07:46 temp/vim.huge.vartabs
chrisbra@debian ~/code/git/vim-src/src (git)-[tags/v8.0.1600]- % strip temp/* 
&& ls -l temp/*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 chrisbra chrisbra 2973208 Mar 13 07:52 vim.huge
-rwxr-xr-x 1 chrisbra chrisbra 2981528 Mar 13 07:52 vim.huge.vartabs

That makes it an increase by 0.28% or 8320 bytes.

This compares the huge build and since the vartab feature is only 
included in those builds, I figured comparing the tiny size would not 
make much sense :)

Now does that warrant including it? I don't know. But considering that 
this patch has been floating around for 11 years and there is a constant 
demand for it every now and then, I think it might make sense. Those who 
do not like it, can always disable it at compile time.

And BTW: when working with tab delimited files I really would like to 
see that feature, since it makes auto-aligning those columns really 
handy, especially with huge files. That would be a good improvement to 
my csv plugin (although obviously only for those tab delimited files).

But then I have not seen tab delimited files for a very long time (which 
does not mean they are not used much outside of my little bubble).


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