Nikolay Pavlov wrote:

> 2018-03-13 10:13 GMT+03:00 Christian Brabandt <>:
> >
> > On Di, 13 Mär 2018, Nikolay Aleksandrovich Pavlov wrote:
> >
> >> Conveniently viewing tab-separated file is one thing, assembling is
> >> entirely another. Who could you share such file except person using
> >> (Neo)Vim with your patch? Spaces are safer and it is not impossible to
> >> write a plugin which makes using them easier (also for viewing if you
> >
> > That is not completely true. The vartabs feature makes it possible to
> > view the file in a spread sheet like manner, without changing the file.
> > So applications consuming those files will easily function as before.
> > Changing the file to use spaces will break those.
> >
> > Not sure what you mean with exchanging those files. The whole point is
> > to have a comfortable way to view those files, without influencing how
> > other applications handle those files. People who do not have a variable
> > tabstop feature in their editor will simply see those files as before.
> > But the same is true for e.g. the breakindent feature.
> My point is that while you can sure view those files in a nice manner
> *yourself*, but it would not do any good for those who you share files
> with unless they have vartabs themselves. So if files need to be
> assembled it is better to use spaces unless it is some kind of file
> used by both humans and applications, with latter requiring tabs. And
> for spaces there already are a number of plugins.

I would imagine that tabs are used while editing the file, adjusting the
vartabs option to make the columns wide enough.  Once satisfied with the
layout you can use :retab to change the tabs to spaces, and share the
file with others.

It's not perfect, but will work in many cases.

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