Hello all,
>    Before hitting the list with more complaints about how jumpy my new SE2 
> with IOS 13.4.1 is, I called Apple Accessibility this morning to sort out 
> what features I might be able to eliminate and to demo the kinds of voice 
> over problems I was having. We screen shared so that the person at the other 
> end of the line could see what was happening on my screen in real time.
>    Remember now that I have updated from using an I phone 6 with 12.4.6, 
> which did everything I wanted, other than turn on location tracking with 
> Seeri which has only become possible with IOS 13_ - that gets one gold star 
> in my book. The screen on the 6 is shattered and the ringer stopped working 
> quite some time ago, and some sounds and notifications were no longer spoken, 
> even though the actual function of receiving and sending calls and mail and 
> messages continued to work just fine. 
>    I bought a cheap iPhone 6S that has on to serve in the interim 
> before the SE came out. It's been weeks now, so I can't recall if the 6S with 
> 13.2.3 threw me any curve balls, but the SE with IOS 13.4.1 is driving me 
> crazy.  
> One of my main gripes has to do with mail. I use gmail on the new phone as I 
> did on the 6 and it has become a nightmare to write, read then edit messages. 
> I get these spontaneous spoken invitations to format text, insert a picture, 
> and other things others must also be seeing, at least if they are using gmail 
> on their SE's. I often cannot back space character by character to read or 
> delete text, or select text in any block. This can be true for rereading text 
> as well where I get thrown all over the place and the cursor, seems to be 
> somewhere other than where I am reading from, or where voice over lead me to 
> believe I was. I sometimes suspect it might be trying to correct something 
> even though I have all that turned off. 
> Then there is that insistent vertical scroll bar that gets activated all the 
> time when what I thought I was doing was simply reading text  whether it be 
> on Facebook or in any other App.
> The same voice over inaccuracy and jumpiness comes into play using Safari 
> which is the browser Apple uses. The Accessibility person said it was the 
> fault of the web site not voice over that, by way of example, when Voice over 
> told me that I was in a live edit field, and when I went to type in my search 
> criteria, I was bounced all over the place. This happened on the Hadley site 
> which is a learning tools service for the Blind. What the person at the other 
> end of the phone line saw was that I was not in an edit field at all, but 
> that I was in a green box with nothing in it. Another time, when vo told I 
> was in an edit field where I could type, the accessibility guy said that I 
> was actually on a picture of a woman.
> I am astonished that voice over has become so unstable in the day to day 
> doing many of the things I've been doing for years using some of the same web 
> sites and mail programs. Has Hadley gone that far down the tubes in terms of 
> their web design? Or why are those speech codes no longer shared, or working 
> when they did with other versions of IOS? Is this by deliberate design? If it 
> is, my days as a consumer of Apple products may be over when it comes time to 
> get a new phone. 
>    Can anyone please tell me what about all this is correct and what might 
> not be? For one thing, I guess I'd better go back and select voice over to 
> speak all images it encounters rather than just the labelled ones, so maybe 
> voice over won't confuse where I am and speak something that isn't true. I am 
> also violently opposed to using Apple mail or web mail, so I'm stuck there 
> too unless I change my mind about it.
> I'm ready to get rid of this phone.
> Deidre

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