> Richard, I am indeed using the new SC with 13.4.1. There's one more update I 
> could do. I don't didn't have any trouble with the success using an issue 
> even earlier version of 13. I think part of the problem when writing a 
> message you're trying to edit something in a Gmail mail message, is that I am 
> activating inadvertently the text formatting or all those things that try and 
> insert themselves like do you want to insert a picture or do you want to do 
> some kind of text formatting and then it just throws me just the whole 
> voiceover thing no longer is working with the text that I had started 
> writing. And like just now I'm dictating this for a second time. Somehow it 
> just got deleted, the whole message. i'm afraid to even go back and try and 
> edit this now for fear it's going to do something quirky all over again. So 
> please excuse the errors in this message. God how I miss my PC and outlook 
> which I am responsible for corrupting after trying to delete 27,000 messages 
> or at least go through 27,000 messages to get rid of the things that were 
> hidden in an unread folder that were copies of other things that I have long 
> since deleted. My mistake.

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