Currently registered endpoints in the tens of thousands. It would take us a
long time to grow to 100k but it’s possible as we do more and more legacy
switch migrations.

I am not aware of anything too exotic but also not sure what those exotic
feature might be. We are an ILEC in certain markets if that tells you
anything. We are spread across several states and have class 5 switches in
each market.

We plan to integrate with a routing engine as part of this initiative.

The incumbent is Oracle one in each market.

We like the idea of centralizing the signaling to certain markets and
distributing the media which currently only is available with sansay.


On Thursday, February 22, 2018, Ryan Delgrosso <>

> Hey Jeff,
> Can you qualify your requirement more? Ive got personal experience with
> tons of solutions of various sizes, but some are a poor fit for certain
> shapes of organizations.
> Endpoints numbering in the thousands? tens of thousands? bigger?
> All registered access traffic or anything more exotic?
> Also who is the incumbent SBC?
> On 2/22/2018 10:32 AM, Jeff Anderson wrote:
> We are in the market for a new SBC platform and have narrowed our choice
> down to two different products. The Sansay VSXi or the Sonus SWe. We will
> be running on a vmware hypervisor in several different markets. The SBC
> would be for SIP access with Broadworks and SIP peering with other
> carriers.
> I was wondering if anyone can share with me any of their experiences good
> or bad with either company on or off the list.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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