Yes, all good reasons to carefully consider the safety of such an

On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 8:52 PM Jones Beene <> wrote:

> Now that you mention it, and realizing how enticing/dangerous it would be
> to a certain segment of the population, the hope is that no one gets hurt
> trying it.
> We have seen crazy stunts with thermite and other energetic materials on
> YouTube. In a worst case, we are talking about something which could be
> far more energetic than thermite. Yikes.
> *From:* Jack Cole
> Very interesting account.  I have occasionally had the fantasy of
> modifying a pressure cooker, adding 10 pounds of nickel powder, and adding
> hydrogen (after degassing).
> Most observers of the LENR/nickel hydride scene are unaware of the details
> of the Thermacore, Inc. runaway reaction back in 1996.
> Unfortunately, this was the last effort that this company made in the
> field, and the main reason that they dropped LENR

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