I've already explained here that further capitalist technological
development -- including that of any 'OU' & 'Cold Fusion' discoveries -- is
incompatible with the democratic and healthy further development of Human
society (howevermuch capitalism, in the Past, freed Humanity from the
clutches of feudal and pre-feudal obscurantism and squalor). However, all I
really ever get in response on this e-list is the usual know-nothing,
knee-jerk anti-communist bilgewater... So of course, the actual logic of
capital accumulation remains essentially unexamined by most of you (as is
the intention of some, here); and this innate, scientifically-examinable,
historically-determined, social-economic development has remained a closed
book to most of you your ENTIRE lives: because you have uncritically
accepted a certain political-economic mental conditioning as being good,
honest coin. Which it AIN'T.

Short answer: the capitalist development of technology essentially ENSLAVES
the working-class: by its very logic, in its very essence. The
socialist/communist development of the EXACT SAME technology OTOH, will do
the EXACT OPPOSITE (once we are freed of World-wide capitalist sabotage):
it will in fact FREE Humanity, forever, from the clutches of class


You want your 'Star Trek' Future..? Embrace Socialism -- or likely surely
die in the latest, up-coming periodic capitalist conflagration, which will
be called 'WWIII' (By somebody... Somewhere... Sometime... if not us.)

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> https://techxplore.com/news/2017-09-burger-robots.html
> http://www.misorobotics.com/
> Might robots prove so cost efficient and reliable that restaurant
> employers replace a significant number of workers with these robots?

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