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> The same is true of the robots used to move shelves in the Amazon.com
> warehouses. All they do is move shelves, bringing goods to people who then
> pick the goods from the shelf and put them in boxes.

Here is a video showing these machines and the people:


You might quibble that these are not what we think of as "robots." They are
not a bit humanoid. They resemble Roombas. Webster defines robot as:

". . . a machine that looks like a human being and performs various complex
acts (such as walking or talking) of a human being"

By that old-fashioned definition, these are not robots. I would say they
are, though, because they use camera-enabled vision, they interact with
one-another, they make decisions rather than blindly repeating a set of
actions, and they are autonomous.

- Jed

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