This is patently absurd!  If he had a system producing radiation from a simple 
cavitation experiment it would be highly desirable and worthy of our interest.

DogOne and Mark LeClair have equal amounts of credibility. Neither will show a 
working device.

LeClair hides behind the conspiracy curtain. "He can't do any demos or the Men 
in Black will get him."

That is a convenient method to have no responsibility to demonstrate any of the 

I have tried multiple times to get THE BARD of BUXTON MAINE to show anything, 
to no avial.

Let this thread die a natural death.

LeClair will never show anything.

From: Nigel Dyer <>
Sent: Monday, September 25, 2017 6:59 AM
Subject: Re: [Vo]:Have Cavitation Energy Systems stumbled on a novel form 

Axil -- To take care is always good advice

I am familiar with Mark's work, indeed I spent a good part of a day with him 
discussing what he has done.  There are some significant differences between 
the two systems, which could well explain why the behaviour of the two is 
somewhat different.


On 23/09/2017 00:24, Axil Axil wrote:
Nigel -- My advise (worth what you have paid for it) is to be very careful.

Mark LeClair produced a gainful cavitation system using a pump. He produces a 
ton of radiation and radiaoactive isotopes.

DogOne replicated this cavitation reactor and this is what he said:


DogOne duplicated his reaction and got a solution of radioactive waste.

PieEconomics: Cavitation Radiation 
Dog-One wrote: ...Creating the cavitation bubbles in the pump using lift 
elevation and having control valves to force the bubbles to collapse inside the 
media chamber ...

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