Nigel -- My advise (worth what you have paid for it) is to be very careful, 
even cynical - when it comes to investing in this - as there is ample reason to 
believe that this system is far from overunity.

My bet is that the person who saw it running did not realize that the water 
pressure to the injectors was being provided by a separate subsystem – not the 
main engine.

I would love to be wrong but it sounds like this is the same spiel that has 
been going on there for many years – but now reincorporated and repackaged - 
looking for new funding.

If they had an engine which could be powered only by water, even for a few 
hours - Gates or Musk would be there with a blank check. But Gates got where he 
is by demanding due diligence and you should too.

The U of Florida may be known mostly as a football school but they do have a 
decent physics department and are only a few hours drive away. 

It is naïve to suggest the new company is avoiding the “establishment” 
scientists or some other lame excuse, when the real reason that no University 
expert is vouching for this is that it simply offers no gain.


From: Nigel Dyer

It is indeed a successor to the MIST device.  I went out and spent a couple of 
days with Richard Aho and Bill, but no I did not see a working stem generator.  
 I am however working with someone who did on a previous visit.  At its heart 
all the data/video etc that I have seen is consistent with water that is at 
high pressure being converted to steam with no additional energy being input at 
the point when the conversion takes place.  Water and steam enthalpy tables 
show that this is not possible without some kind of LENR like activity 
providing additional energy during the conversion process.
Very little scientific investigatory work has been done, which is something 
that I am working to sort out. I am also hoping to build on the possible links 
between it and the electrospray experiment that I am also associated with where 
energy gain was seen, something that I go into in the notes. 
On 22/09/2017 22:04, Jones Beene wrote:

Hi Nigel,
Very interesting indeed … unless this is the old MIST device… but it is 
doubtful that proton fusion is involved, even if there has been a breakthrough 
- especially without measureable radiation.
Did you see any kind of radiation signature?
The main problem with a similar older technology has been lack of measurement 
of all the subsystems. I am assuming that what you are working with is derived 
from the system being promoted by Richard Aho, once called MIST:
My associates visited the facility in Florida several years ago, and came away 
very disappointed since they had been promised to be shown a working device. 
Despite all the talk, there was no engine then which could actually run by 
itself on water/steam. There were many, many excuses but AFAIK it looks good on 
paper but has not been shown to actually run without another system supplying 
the very high pressure required by the injectors.
Perhaps there has been a bona fide breakthrough and things have changed, but … 
$64 question … Have you actually seen it running on water/steam without 
electrical input and without another system supplying the high pressure water? 
If so, for how long?

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