Adrian Ashfield <> wrote:

> The measurements of energy out & in were good enough to demonstrate the
> basic characteristics of the QX.

The measurements were bogus. They revealed nothing.

>   That was the purpose of the demo.  I t would be impossible to to do a
> replicable experiment without giving the IP away.

The opposite is true. It would have easier to do a pure black box
demonstration with a watt-meter. Assuming the effect is real, that would be
more convincing and yet it would reveal less information about the device.

> The pathosskeptics make much of the crude power pack with 60 W of cooling
> But I don't believe that power could be magically transferred to heat the
> water.

That is absurd. No one makes that claim. The power pack is producing a
great deal of heat. Therefore it must be consuming a great deal of power.
How much? We have no idea, but a simple watt-meter such as the Kill-a-watt
would have revealed this. However inefficient the power supply may be, it
is not likely to be putting out only a tiny fraction of the input power to
the device.

>   What could Rossi possibly get from such a scam?  It's not to get money
> from the general public but possibly to interest venture capitalists: they
> would do their own due diligence, such as measuring the voltage across the
> reactor.

Rossi aims to swindle foolish wealthy venture capitalists, not the general
public. Foolish venture capitalists such as the people who wasted $120
million Juicero:

- Jed

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