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Hi Jones,
>Oops again. Where is Robin when we need him?
>A. Mass of palladium-105     104.905  amu
>B. Mass of deuteron                  2.014  amu
>C. Mass of silver-107              106.905 amu
>Excess mass of fusion of A and B   14 amu or about 13 MeV

The 13 MeV is correct, but the 14 amu isn't. Should be 0.014 amu.

BTW don't be too quick to throw away the reaction. A di-deuterino molecule could
contribute 1 D to the reaction, with the other absorbing the reaction energy as
kinetic energy. Deuterons are about 4000 more massive than electrons, so one
might expect very little of no bremsstrahlung. Most of the kinetic energy would
be lost to ionization. Granted some of the removed electrons would be inner
shell, but this only results in at most a 21 keV x-ray.

BTW2 Are we sure that the original experiment that produced the Ag was run with


Robin van Spaandonk

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