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Your post makes me think that we would be facing a terrible crisis (in terms of 
nuclear terrorism) if it turns out that Mills, Holmlid and now Glass are 

There could be a form of UHW – or “ultra heavy water” which is composed of 
oxygen and dense deuterium so that the molecu;e is both fuel and catalyst when 
arranged in the most efficient configuration with D+O as the explosive trigger.

From: mix...@bigpond.com

>A high resolution scintillator-detection system measured the neutrons and 
>y-rays resulting from the fusion of deuterium. Several approaches were used to 
>initiate fusion in deuterium.
>The simplest and most direct proved to be in a stoichiometric mixture of 

Note also that this will create both atomic D and molecular water, which is
apparently Mills' preferred catalyst, making it an ideal environment to shrink
D, thus making DD reactions possible.

>QUOTE: this is the only known work where fusion neutrons were produced by 
>chemical energy in a direct manner.  


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