Michel Jullian wrote:

> Then it can't be a Ni-H research discrediting operation can it?

No. The authors are aware of this paper. It is really their work.

> Or one would have to imagine that Focardi himself has been conned. Note
> that multi-kW excess heat must be quite easy to fake in this
> particular device, with its built-in heating resistor. For example, add
> AC current of a higher frequency than the meter's bandwidth.

I do not think this method could make 80 W look like 3,000 W. Most meter
have high bandwidth; I have never heard of high frequency AC adding more
than a fraction of 1% to the total. You would have to design and build
specialized equipment to put 97% of the electricity into the cell with high
frequency AC. And as a practical matter, how would you do this? Sneak some
equipment into the lab at night? Bribe a lab assistant? How would you keep
Focardi from doing some elementary cross checking to find out? This sounds
like something from a made-for-TV thriller.

If there is a con involved, Focardi must be part of it.

- Jed

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