Notice the programmer's bias in this statement:

(With the siphon, the weight scale is tied into the computer which records of the increase in weight of water, and you ignore the periods when it suddenly decreases, and the siphon dumps out.)

"Yes, the numbers on my screen are going down. Something's happening out there." Hey, look up! Yoo-hoo! The siphon's dumping.

The siphon dumps and the numbers suddenly decrease, not the other way around.

That's pretty funny.

On the other hand, instruments and computers do sometimes generate scads of fascinating numbers that turn to have no connection to physical reality. Or at least, not the connection the researcher imagines. See the Cerron-Zeballos paper: "We found the results previously published to be consistent with our observations; namely we measured higher temperatures for the same input power when hydrogen is absorbed during a heating cycle. Nevertheless this temperature rise does not appear to correspond to an increase in heat production. . . ."

- Jed

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