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Interesting, but why would Focardi discredit his own work?

I don't think he would want to.

Have you been following the thread more closely than I?

Is there any support on this research such as a published paper or a conference presentation or is it just this blog site that is made to look like a journal?

And what kind of idiot uses this domain name

when one without hyphens is available and has NEVER been registered?
(I'm sure someone will soon grab this domain, it's a great domain name)

SOMEBODY registered and used this name knowing full well that no such journal in the English language existed but that the Soviet Journal of Nuclear Physics does not have a Web site.

Whoever registered the name is probably an American because of the California registration. It has been registered through a proxy service that keeps the identity of the domain owner private.

By using a name with hyphens, and of a similar journal that does not have its own web site, they avoid a direct confrontation with the actual journal, if it still exists. But the journal may have been renamed to Physics of Atomic Nuclei

I wonder which of the people involved in are familiar with the Russian science scene and which of them might be conversant in Russian and who has been a frequent co-author on Russian LENR papers?


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