2010/3/14 Steven Krivit <stev...@newenergytimes.com>:
> At 02:35 AM 3/14/2010, you wrote:
> Interesting, but why would Focardi discredit his own work?
> I don't think he would want to.

Then it can't be a Ni-H research discrediting operation can it? Or one
would have to imagine that Focardi himself has been conned. Note that
multi-kW excess heat must be quite easy to fake in this particular
device, with its built-in heating resistor. For example, add AC
current of a higher frequency than the meter's bandwidth.

> Is there any support on this research such as a published paper or a
> conference presentation or is it just this blog site that is made to look
> like a journal?

Not that I know, apart from the patent application which of course
isn't valid support either.


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