Hold everything. I am wrong again. On p. 3 it says:

"Some examples of the results obtained with this system (method A) in brief periods (1-1,5 hours) are reported in lines 1-3 of the Table 1."

So, for the first experiment, 0.2 kWh over 1 to 1.5 hours is somewhere between 133 to 200 W. So what the heck is going on in the other experiments?!?

Frankly, this is annoying. Why "1 - 1.5 hours" anyway? Which is it? 1 or 1.5? Why not specify for each row? Why not report average power?

Does anyone here see anything about input power other than heater power? The patent mentions a "Laser beam temperature measuring device: Raytheon, USA" but I see nothing about about laser or heat stimulation.

I have read through this paper and patent several times. I find them poorly organized and inscrutable. Plus, it is not good form to mix in theoretical speculation with a description of the experiment or a patent's description of the device.

- Jed

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