>From Mr. Murray

> You [Horace] present calm, clear, extremely reasonable points to justify
> qualified skepticism -- I suspect Jed is likely to agree within a few
> days.

Horace often presents interesting points worth considering.

However, for you to follow-up with your own prediction that Mr. Rothwell
will soon capitulate to the other side is, to put it bluntly, naive of you.
There is little "mutual service" in making predictions of the opinions of
others on these matters. You strike me as being oblivious to the fact that
what you are doing is a form of psychological manipulation, even though I
suspect that from Jed's POV, he could care less what your opinion of his
predicted opinions might be.

Let me put it to you this way: Is it really any of your business, predicting
the opinions of others? It's rude and offensive conjecture on your part. It
serves no purpose other than to give yourself another shot-in-the-arm. It's
nothing more than manufacturing a form of psychological self-assurance that
your own opinion must be right, because you now predict that others will
soon come around to the same opinion of yours as well.


Who knows what opinions Jed may feel more comfortable broadcasting to the
Vort Collective tomorrow. Shoot! I have no idea what my own opinions might
turn out to be tomorrow either. It's a full-time job managing my own
opinions. They change all the time!

Rich, please PLEASE! ...just be responsible expressing your own opinions,
and let others manage the responsibilities of their own.

Steven Vincent Johnson

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