I enjoyed reading about your personal experiences, particularly the mistakes
& hardships you encountered and your honorable endeavors to rectify them. It
gave me some insight into you. Thank you for sharing them. BTW, ten years
ago I lost five grand playing the commodities market. Fortunately, it was
only my own retirement account that suffered the consequences. I consider
the experience a valuable lesson learned... a unique kind of tuition, you
might say.


Just so you know, I never got a degree in psychology. FWIW, it's been my
experience that acquiring a degree in psychology is no guarantee that one
will acquire a better understanding of the eccentricities of human nature. I
would instead suggest making a few stupid (and occasionally unavoidable)
mistakes throughout one's life. Following such folly, willingly or
unwillingly, appears to have been the most valuable "degree" I've had to


As you may recall I took issue to the following statement you made:


> ...-- I suspect Jed is likely to agree within a few days.


You seem to be inferring that either Rossi and/or Mr. Rothwell are
"sibling[s]" in need of "...mild accepting, nonpushy outlines..." all this
in order to "...highlight a possible breakthrough..." presumably in
reference to their evolving opinions. I cannot speak for Mr. Rothwell and
certainly not for Rossi, but I suspect that both of them could care less
about any advice and/or opinions you might want to dispense presumably for
their benefit, especially dispensed within the medium of a public forum. Why
would anyone care to accept "advice" dispensed in such a manner.


My previous plea was to suggest that we are in "mutual service" to one
another when we endeavor to express as clearly as we can the lessons we
learned from our life and the subsequent opinions that evolved from those
lessons. You did just that such as when you posted some of the financial
mistakes you made back in 1988 trying to be a successful day trader. Thank
you for sharing that. I feel your pain! Doing so is in "mutual service" to
others as it gives them the freedom to choose to learn whatever insight &
wisdom they can glean from the hard lessons you learned.


But leave it at that. The other side of the coin to my plea was to strongly
suggest that we leave predictions pertaining to the personal evolution of
another person's personal opinion. the evolution of their personal insights,
in their own capable hands. It is of no "mutual service" to have the
evolution of someone else's personal opinion and insights "predicted" by
strangers, especially in a public forum. 


It's just plain annoying.


I hope I have at least been able to express what it was about your previous
post that riled me so.



Steven Vincent Johnson

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